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hello from Belgium


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Hi everybody!


I got a message from somebody i had to check out this forum. So here i am.


Probably like all the rest here i really like Mika's music. He's really great!


Something about myself (if anybody is interested to read this, hehe)

My username refers to my horse. She is my passion. My real name is Kim, i'm 22 (next month 23). The rest is not so important. :blush-anim-cl:

If you wanna know something, send a message!


So, hi to everybody .. :wink2:

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Top Posters In This Topic

hello Kim<


Enjoy yourself here with us, we are a very friendly bunch , and we are indeed very global!


if you need a helping hand, come and seek me out, i'm usually lounging in the freddies butterfly bar,...blue knows where to find me...!


There are a few from belgium to keep you company!

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