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hello from South Africa

Guest vuyk@telkomsa.net

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Guest vuyk@telkomsa.net

Hi, I am actually from Holland but moved to SA 10 years ago with my family. I have 2 sons. One is a few months younger than Mika and one is 16 at the end of this month.

I have 8 rescued dogs and 2 cats here. They have a garden of 4000m2 to run in and then I try to clean up the mess and make the garden look ok again. That includes cutting grass as well.

I first listened to Grace Kelly on the radio in the car while fetching my son from school a few month ago. And only found out more on youtube.

Buying Life in cartoon motion was a mission in itself. Here in Newcastle no one had even heard of such a singer. And when we were in Pretoria at the beginning of the month the record was sold out. So I went back to the record shop here and finally got my CD a few days ago. All the time I listened however on the computer. Thanks to ADSL which we only have since november.


Hope you all know me a little now.




South Africa

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I live somewhere almost as removed in america! In a state most have never heard o,f and I had to buy my cd over the internet because it is not avalible in town. I would have had to drive at least an hour maybe two to find it. So I feel you pain. I myself just joined the fanclub so far it is quite interesting there are downloads here that you can't easily get so I recommed looking at those.


Jess from Wyoming

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