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Grace Kelly - Fan Vid [COMPILATION]


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hey'a all!! =DD like, im super mega UBER bored!! n i totally know that this isnt my job, nor my idea, [iS EN-FAS!!!] BUT im SOO super mega UBER bored!! n i hart editing videos =]] soooo, if its ok, id LUFF 2 splice 2gev peoples fan vids of Grace Kelly =]]


sooo, post ur vids here n ill slice 'em 2gev :D:D i figureee boutttt 5 at least shud b awsome =D


if u know of ny1s vids plz post em here (with ther permish of course ^_^) so i can use them too :D


once agaiinnnn En-Fa if udun want me 2 do this ill delete this thread -GLEE- =D im just SOOO bored hehe,








p.s. Vid number one :naughty: :

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3cyElyq4hE enjoi :D:D:D


C <3

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