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On The Record

by Ed Huyck

Life in Cartoon Motion



Ah. While America’s pop culture seems to be stuck in a permanent case of gay panic, our British brethren are far more willing to embrace their inner queer. Witness the success of New York exports the Scissor Sisters, or their very own Mika.


While plying a similar ’70s-infused modern dance-pop style, Mika sticks a bit closer to the Queen side of the equation. That’s in part because of his voice, which is frighteningly close to Freddie Mercury’s.


The arrangements and songs themselves have the heightened sense of drama mixed with sheer joy of play that made the best music of Queen’s career so memorable.


Sure, that doesn’t always hold true. Hit “Lollipop†is just a pure pop confection, as infectious as anything I’ve heard in months.


But opener “Grace Kelly†could come from one of Queen’s late-’70s collections, while “My Interpretation†sounds like a ballad from the late ’80s period of that band.


In the end, however, it really shouldn’t just be about the influences or similarities. Male pop singers in recent years have been terribly dull, or just trying too hard (paging Mr. Timberlakeâ€â€your sexiness is DOA).


Mika is effortless in his performance, making Life in Cartoon Motion all the more fun. What’s next is hard to sayâ€â€the road to pop stardom is paved with one-hit wondersâ€â€but for now, he can wear the pop-idol tiara.




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