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Doing the *i got coachella tix* dance! lalala


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leleleleeeeeleeeee shoooooby dooooooby


weeeepeeee weeeppaaaaa


yo yo yo hhhhheeeeeee haaaaaaaaa


im going to see mika!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this is the best birthday present i could get for myself... well...MIKA in a big ribbon would be better but lets be realistic ;)


now waiting for summer, val, shon.... to get the tix to and come with me!!!!!!!!


i kinda begged at the store for them to sell one day tix for u guys but they said no :(




LUKE, MIKEY, MARTIN, CHERISSE, MIKA..... LOOK OUT FOR US!!! we will be the nuts junping and singing at the front ;)

OMG its gonna be HOT!

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Soooooooo happy for you !!! You'll have such a terrific time, and what a great way to spend your birthday !!!




Heyyyyyyyy :)


thank u!!!!!!!

tomorrow im going to meet summer and val to :) to celebrate my birthday weepee! they r so great for coming :) i just hope they can come to coachella to!

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Ahh! Thats so brilliant, hun!! I'm so happy for you! I almost feel as if I've gotten a ticket myself haha I was dancing for you for a good while lol Thats so fantastic! Shame they wouldn't sell to us but that's okay! haha As long as you've got your ticket ^_^


I wish I could get to LA to celebrate your birthday with you tomorrow but I'll have to settle with wishing you the best birthday ever!! Do have fun and be sure to say hey to summer and when you see mika give him a big hug from me ~_O


heyyy thank u!!!!

i will do that!!! :)


i really wish u all could come! and we could have held a HUGE sign for mika! :)

if ill be kinda alone....my brother and cousin will look at me weird HAHA

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Sivan, how far is pomona? Ugh I don't know what to do!


u didnt see my sms?

try on google map...put the exact address and it will tell u how long....

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how far is it from where you live sivan?


it was like an hour and a half i think...


argh i look on ebay and the first day they sell really cheap :(


the day my brother bought wees ago :(

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I probably won't be able to go..but I asked for the day off work just in case.


okeeee... i hope u could!!!


ill see if i find good deals fo u k?

if u get one good deal...will u drive there yourself and meet me there?

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I just mapquested it and coachella is not as far as i thought it was. Its the same distance for me as LA is, just in a different direction. SO what do you think the chances of there being scalpers are?? Because didn't someone say scalpers had to sell tickets at face value?

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hmm i dunno..... maybe if u dont get by the time i go i could see there if somone sell them for a resonable price?


but i stll hope u could get b 4 that!!!


im going to my aunt now...to sleep there...babysit :)


ill try connet from there!!!

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Hey Sivan, I am so jealous of you right now. I want so badly to go but I cannot.

Please take loads and loads of photographs!!!!!


hey KT!

i will i promisse!!!

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if scalpers sell at face value I think I could probably find a way to get to coachella sunday and have enough money to buy a ticket. And maybe if someone is looking to sell two tix together for a deal we could do that.


OMG SHONTIH!!!!!!! I want to go so bad!!!!!! All of us together at Mika!!


It sucks because its not a guarantee!! What if we got there and couldn't get in!

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Yes I'm sure there will be sclplers but


1) how do we find them??




2) what if they're selling way over face value??


do we walk around holding a sign that says "we need tickets" haha because someone did that at the LA show!

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Maybe I could do $150..I'm thinking though more toward the show prices may go down a little on ebay if they're not selling as much? stupid rage against the machine for having to make their reunion on the same day as we need to make our reunion with mika!!!

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