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My Mika Drawings (Be Nice!)


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I wasn't really sure where to put this....here's a Mika sketch I did; I've never posted any of my Mika sketches before so I feel a little self-conscious :blush-anim-cl:


You can still see some of the remaining blue notebook lines; I tried to take them off but I couldn't :sad:






A preview of a drawing I've been working on for a little over two weeks:




Hope you like them :original:

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Sou your Drawings are Truely Amazing :shocked:


But hey i cant wait to see the last one in full if that was just a preview ..... its going to blow everyone away i am sure of it ! :thumb_yello:

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Oh wow! Thanks for the feedback everyone!!! Now I'm really motivated to finish off the last drawing, it's proving to be a little difficult as I've never actually drawn a portrait of a male before! :blink:


I'll post up the finished result as soon as I'm done with it!


Thanks again everyone! :original:

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I wish I had half the artistic ability as you do! In art class we're making masks, and I was thinking about doing one of Mika but it's such a perfect face, I wouldn't want to ruin it!

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great work indeed!

go on Sou and maybe we can open a Mikaexibition at Tate gallery???

I'm talking seriuosly, maybe not there, but HERE!!!


Mikaexibition is open 24h a day...feee entrance...come all over the wolrd!!!


can we consider it done? Who wants to open a new thread about this?? not me, i'm not so talented....

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Oh, very good :thumb_yello: Love that smudgy head-thing, it's cool!


And yeah, guys are somehow more difficult to draw than girls.. Mika was also the first male I drew :roftl:


They're good! Maybe we should have a Mika-Drawing thread, so we all could just upload 'em there?

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"OooOoH!!! Look at all the replies Sou!"


"Yes, yes, I can see them!!! Aren't they the greatest bunch everrrr??!!!"


Just a little conversation with my inner-voice! hehe


Thanks soooo much for your feedback everyone!!!!!! I'm working on the third drawing and I promise, the second it's done, I'm scanning it and posting it up!!!!


EnFa, I think a Mika Drawings thread is going to be a great idea! :)

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