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Hello from America!! <3


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Hi everybody!


I'm jessica! I'm from America (It's not so bad here :original: ).


I first heard MIKA on MTV previews and REALLY liked it, but it didn't give credits to any of the background music, so i never found out who sang it! Then i saw an article in TEEN VOGUE about MIKA and thought it looked liked an interesting article, but i didn't investigate or look him up... but then the following night, i was watching TV with my family, and i saw a motorola add for their new 'chocolate' phone, and their background music was Love Today, and they did have credits!! Then i felt like all my questions had been answered and i was all knowledgeable! well, maybe not that powerful of a feeling, but i was certainly elated to finally know who sang the song. and from that point on, i fell hook, line, and sinker for MIKA. that weekend I rushed to the record store, bought 'Life in Cartoon Motion,' and have listened to it every day since!


I not only listened to the cd, but I spred the word at school (to the point of insanity, and annoyance to others :blush-anim-cl: ), drew MIKA (I'm artisticly inclined), and researched him on youtube.


I was on youtube one day, watching a MIKA interview, and in the 'about' section it said more stuff like this at mikafanclub.com, and here I am!


I feel priveledged and honored to be part of a group that apreciates and loves something i do, and think that all the members are great! you guys are awsome!


kisses from USA! :P

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Hmm, You Seem Excited, lol. I'm From America Too, I Know It Rocks ;)


Anyways, The Mika Fan Club Website Is Amazing! I've Never Belonged To One Before, And It Is Nice To Talk On Here About MIKA 24/7.:naughty:


So Stop Botherin' Your Friends, lol, And Talk To Us About All Of Your MIKA Fantasies:wink2:, And Everything MIKA.


I'm Glad You're Here!


If You Need Any Help With This Site, Then Talk To Me.


Yours Truly,


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