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Official Mika's birthday present thread


Should we create an online album with all the cards pics?  

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  1. 1. Should we create an online album with all the cards pics?

    • Yes, that'd be cool. The online album link will be provided by pm to those who ask.
    • No, I'd rather show my card only to mika himself.

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in august it'll be mika's bday and we want to give him a present, which is going to be a shirt, embroyderied with sequins, by aude. fans are welcome to submit patterns to aude. she's working on it and it's coming along nicely.

if anyone wants to contribute to the shirt cost, can pm aude or me (avoca): even just 50 cents are ok.


then all fans attached to the project (list follows and is constantly updated), should submit a card for mika to me via email or postal service. just pm me and I'll let you have my address or email. DEADLINE IS MAY 31ST 2007.


cards should be made on an A4 (printer size) sheet folded in two (or in alternative, 2 A5 sheets, which are exactly half of an A4): you should decorate/write on side 2 and 3 (the internal ones). write whatever you want, just be decent LOL, but do remember to add your forum ID, that's most important.


I'll collect all cards and bind them in a booklet, which mika will be presented with, when he'll receive the present. the booklet cover (artsy one) is being designed by a MFC fan and submitted to me.


I'll picture every single page of the booklet, once it's ready and post pics. same aude will do with the shirt. so MFC fans will be presented with a full report.


we are still working on how to deliver mika his present, but it'll be either sent through a fan from MFC at one of his august gigs, or will be mailed to him at an official address. we prefer the 1st hypothesis o.c.

reports of the delivery will be also presented to MFC obviously.


follows list of fans attached to the project. pink names are fans whose cards I have already received. list is constantly updated.


if you submit your card to me via email, pls put MIKA CARD in the subject, for it not to end up in spam.


if you need any info/help/assistance, feel free to pm me :)






fans attached to this project:


1 caz girl

2 droopsy

3 martincy

4 violet_sky

5 aude

6 cath85

7 natie

8 monshi

9 tungchoi

10 monco

11 findingmywords

12 blackwildkitty

13 enfa

14 Bexxy

15 Giedrusia_NY

16 marianne84

17 avoca

18 melissa

19 robertina

20 dangerous kat

21 mikasgf

22 M.I.K.A.

23 luna

24 mikachu

25 giftedandchallenged

26 esperia

27 eir

28 piperita patty

29 juley

30 tia

31 rainbow_sky

32 ashleymiranda

33 space

34 LnrdToxic

35 afroditten

36 hotldp

37 rosielou

38 ziema

39 mellody

40 thatradfreak

41 lollipopgirl92


43 violetsky

44 jolijn

45 sivan

46 snp

47 daisy lou

48 akateisakate

49 femifrosk

50 kjoshi

51 martine

52 white queen

53 rilo8913 + juliana

54 brendalovesmika!

55 happikali

56 1kiwiabroad

57 blanca

58 satu

59 matt1984

60 girlintheblue

61 rosinakiwi

62 jemmalee

63 kath

64 marianne

65 gialy

66 damango

67 hoochatooch

68 becks

69 blue

70 mariposa

71 annabelle

72 grace ally

73 hannah

74 cartoonkellygreen

75 sesil17aa

76 carrie

77 lollipopgirlsian

78 jackviolet

79 mikaobsessed

80 leighhodgson

81 wendi

82 fmbm

83 carol

84 ohwowitsnicka

85 haeschen02

86 littletangerine

87 schock

88 paula.pop

89 sheezy12

90 sunshine931

91 dcdeb

92 sou

93 Ms.Mewissa<33

94 bonjourmika1990

95 lunafish

96 yvonneg

97 akim

98 konijntje

99 crina

100 sarahlou1973

101 mika owns me

102 -amanda-

103 kata

104 agnese

105 cathij0269

106 *danique

107 cynthia mulat

108 blue sky

109 reubenchives

110 julian

111 becky

112 nathaliiexx

113 frances

114 gimika

115 dolce_marta

116 ingievV

117 monami

118 mabelle

119 sara

120 diana

121 sheenastar

122 ruth

123 justjack

124 Jamakkronic

125 kavi

126 zahara

127 jeyjen

128 imetmikainnewyork

129 mika mad

130 mirtilla

131 mikamon

132 mikamad

133 yuppymunch

134 calicojasmine

135 norwalk174

136 skimbletapps







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this is a spin off of another thread other members posted. It's meant to work on one idea brought up by some members, which seems rather cool.


I spoke to aude (well, typed). she is the one suggesting to create for our boy a shirt with sequins embroyderied on. there's an open discussion about what should be the design.


I browsed her pics with patterns and creations and they are REALLY good, honest. I think they are very mika-ish too.. since he wears often clothing items with sequins and such in that style, i think he's bound to love it!


she thinks a shirt is better, easier to embroydery cause the tee fabric or even braces is too elastic. white'd make it shines up the best way.


she was suggesting a pattern on the back and smt delicate perhaps on the neck and front. inclusive of the MFC pattern as signature. very cool IMO.


that'd be a GREAT idea the way I see it.. some other members thought also in the other thread.


MIND YA, I AM DOING THIS CAUSE AUDE ASKED ME TO DO SO, I AM NOT TAKING OVER THE PROJECT. she would embroydery it, if everyone agrees.


we'd just like some feedback about the idea and the patterns. then there's to discuss how he should get hold of it. but perhaps we must think about the item to give 1st.


then aude suggested to put together a card (she probably posted already about it, lost a little track of the thread, sorry).


I can collect all people's letters in colourful A size papers and then send her, so the present can be all assembled. it'd be cool to share duties. all the letters can be put together with a colourful and nice cover (she showed me one, but we can discuss it all together..). NOT a scrapbook o.c., just a little folder as card with best wishes for him from us all.





Its A Good Idea But I Think Every1 Shud Go To Give It To Him So We Get To Meet Him :thumb_yello:

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It's a nice idea!I've posted in the emergency forum If you need help with this

my husband is a illustrator and often he as to make poster and collage of all sort so he can be a help!!!So tell me if you need help with this!

Natalie x

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Well Chels, everybody would is dying to meet Mika, but it s clear that we won'y be able to go there all together, we have to pay, and we can't give him each one a box with a gift because it would be a mess. You could go there and meet him but I think it would be better if we joined the presents.

Well anyway I've started embroidering a rough of the back pattern. If someone would like to see the beginning please PM me.

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I like the idea, so thumbs up say I!!!:thumb_yello:


for the card...i mite buy some special coloured paper and pens and decorate it. Would u mind if I took a pic of it and sent it to you? It's just for the scrapbook I just done it in word and sent it off...This one is gonna be more special!!!! :D:D:D:D

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I could try to put some things that are on the cover but not all because it will be very difficult for me, just pick up what you like the best on the cover and show it to me :).

And Nathalie maybe you could try to draw a little patern for the neck.

As for Caz Girl, well you can do a very beautiful thing and send it by mail to us so we'll put it in the box. But anyway, everybody, I don't want to force you to do anything so just do as you like, you aren't forced to adopt my ideas if you don't want to !

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Pour bien comprendre car mon anglais n'est pas terrible tu vas faire un motif sur un chandail et ensuite tu vas coudre des bijoux sur les motifs.Et moi je peux essayer de faire un patron pour le col! est-je bien compris!


Natalie x

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Non :D. En fait là je fais un brouillon sur un vêtement des motifs que je vais faire sur sa chemise. Les motifs sont avec des fils de couleurs, des paillettes, accessoirement des perles que je brode. Ce que je ( te ) proposais, c'est de créer un motif ( pas trop compliqu´´e s'il vous plaît ) que je puisse reproduire sur le col de la chemise :). Si tu veux bien.

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LMAO, if it's OK, I'll collect them all, so send them to me. I'll send them to aude or to the person that will deliver him the present, when we found out who can. :)


I'll post my address or pm it to everyone.

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well normally you would have to send it to me or avocado, but it seems like the others would like to send them cards by themselves. Anyway, I'll bind the cards I'll receive. Just do as you feel.

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LMAO, if it's OK, I'll collect them all, so send them to me. I'll send them to aude or to the person that will deliver him the present, when we found out who can. :)


I'll post my address or pm it to everyone.


Okay.. thanks for explaining..:thumb_yello:


And they have to be on A4 format, don't they??

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LMAo, it's avoca, not avocado it's an irish city not a fruit...:naughty:



I think it'd be best to collect all cards in one folder and bind them as aude suggested, it'd lok neater, in case fans can also send him a separate card for their wishes, if we all are so lucky to find his address... :blink:

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