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Brian May favourite Mika recently did an interview on German TV on Channel ARD for a programme called BRISANT in which he spoke about Freddie and Queen:


Quote: I get a lot of comparisons to Freddie Mercury and I admire his voice so much, his songwriting, his intense musicianship. As long as nobody... I am not intending to grow a mustache. I am not doing a whole QUEEN revival thing. I am me

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LOOOOOL That killed me!!! :D Imagine Mika with a moustache!!


If he did grow one... I'd ONLY listen to his music. On my computer. So as to not even glance at the album cover. :P


Happy to see he's got his priorities right... because I think Freddie may be the only person able to pull off a black & white unitard with cleveage. Or could Mika too...??? Oh I must banish these thoughts :naughty:

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I don't think Mika would look right with a moustache. My mind keeps wondering to the programme My Name Is Earl with Jason Lee and his dodgy facial hair and imagining it on Mika. MUST STOP THINKING ABOUT IT! IT'S SO WRONG!

Mika with stubble, quite hot, Mika with 'tache, NOOO!

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