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A Secret on the Mica CD (better than the hidden track!)


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I hope this is the right place to post this


But if you go on the Mika sounds website under the UK option and you click on that black box that pops up about hearing some of the songs in an acoustic version they as you to give them some information about yourself, but after that they ask you to insert your Mika cd. Something is supposed to happen but I'm guessing it's only with the UK cd's because it didn't work for mine because my cd is an American CD. Will someone with a UK cd try it and see what happens cause I'm very curious.

Please and Thank you!

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in italy we do not get any bonus track, but, when you put the cd on pc, you get 4 more tracks: two videos of Mika playing two songs alone and two acoustic versions. now i'm at work and i can't remember which songs, but more or less this is what.


i can be more precise later.


I thought any cd had this oprtions!!!

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From the link above:


This version has enhanced tracks (insert cd to your computer and it will give you access to bonus tracks)


Billy Brown - video

Grace Kelly - video (these are not the official music videos, there is Mika playing piano and singing)

Love Today - Acoustic version

My Interpretation - Acoustic version


The Billy Brown and Grace Kelly videos are taken from the same acoustic session where 'Everybody's Talkin'' comes from, which is on YouTube (I put it on my personal MySpace yesterday). I love the shirt he wears and I love the setting. :original:


Hey, I just saw a line appear in my Media Player. It says the acoustic versions come from the Dodgy Holiday EP, the one that is mentioned in this thread.
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I hadn't really thought about what the black box was when I went onto Mikasounds before, but it is pretty cool and I might get interesting stuff back now I've registered.

I had already seen the Billy Brown and Grace Kelly vids before as I'm on Yahoo, but I liked the visuals on Love Today and My Interpretation.

I hope they'll do more stuff like this as it feels quite special to be part of it.

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