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Official Mika Merch


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Have moved to front page :)


Thanks for the heads up!


Funny that I was pushing the link over on mikasounds.com and you push it over here lol :)


Nice to have you drop by with the good news.


I already know the first question will be.... where can USA folks buy stuff from? :)




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Awww great, but one little problem, :thumbdown: No Big Sizes.. What happened to all that "Big Girl You Are Beautiful" stuff?,:confused: C'mon, Mika merchandisers, get on the ball here, and give us big girls something Mika to wear too, besides a pin[/size]

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HEY STARSIE! I see you're a friend of Mika's on myspace. welcome to the forum :thumb_yello: apologies on behalf of the forum for some of the threads :sweatdrop:

anyways, the merchandise looks great! We need some in SHOPS though...I remember walking around a shopping centre thoroughly depressed and needed some MIKA stuff to cheer me up...and there was nothing!!! ...until I got in my sisters car and "Love Today" came on the radio :thumb_yello:

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I've got the hoodie!

Actually you can see it in my avatar.

It doesn't look the same in the web store picture tho...

There was a white one too in the gig I bought the grey one from.



Here's the back side of the grey one: (the rosette doesn't include)


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is there a US link yet? lol i was looking forward to it when i got home from school today :naughty: but i'm patient hah


I was wondering as well...


dcdeb <not so patient>

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