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What Do You Collect?


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Hey, I thought it would be fun for all of us to discuss what we collect, which kinda ties into our hobbies. If you want, you can tell why you enjoy collecting those things, so maybe that will generate more discussion among us. :)


Here are the things that I enjoy collecting!:


CDs - I know it might be weird to say I collect them, but downloading/buying from itunes is a big deal these days and it seems like lots of the younger generation don't even purchase CDs these days. So I guess I go against the tide and still purchase CDs. :)


Hello Kitty - I know it is childish, but I *love* HK! lol I just think the purses and clothing is so adorable.


Queen memorabilia - I've been collecting ever since I became a fan. Over the years I collected a little less, but lately I have gotten back into the collecting mode! If you see my Queen Collection post, you'll know what I mean! :)


LAMB/Harajuku Lovers clothing - Much like HK, I love these clothing lines. I am already a huge fan of Gwen Stefani, so it's only natural that I love her clothing lines too.


Keychains - I also love collecting keychains, especially when I visit different States!


Okay, your turns... :)

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Cool :)


I collect Japanese figures, stamps (yes, I am a sad person with a book full of them) postcards (My walls are covered in them), keyrings with legs (the string ones which sort of hang. I've got about 20) TY beanie baby cats. It's all pretty random.

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I love collecting casette tapes. I think there's a timelesness to them. I have this one from a long time ago that is blank and really dingy hanging up on my wall just above my bedpost. I find it inspiring! :blush-anim-cl:

Oh and I collect empty nail polish bottles! I have this one that used to be really metallic and glittery, but there's nothing in it except the glitter stuck to the sides! It actually looks really cool but I sound like a nerd for saying it. :roftl:

And I have over twenty of those little Furbies on a shelf in my room! I've had them for years and they are really colourful and awesome.

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I dont really collect a certain thing. Um...

I love hello kitty too :D Im wearing a badge with her one <33

I in a way collect batons.. I have so many of them from over the years XD


I dont really know lol

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I collect vinyl, and my friends say I'm weird because I'm 15. And some yarn leftovers that I get when I knit lol

Besides from that I collect the little words that everyone sends to each other in class and I plan to make some piece of art with it lol (that makes a lot of relationship problems written in one place^^, and also twin-sets and I also lovelovelove silver rings!

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i collect postcards, pictures, and memories...

...silly little things that make me remember the moment i was in!


used to collect animals (but my hubby put his foot down!:naughty: )


i have also been collecting fabric/textiles for a while...

...i love to sew and design things:blush-anim-cl:



adam ant! (hee hee! i loved him too!):thumb_yello:

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i collect sand from different beaches of the world. luckily i have friends who travel a lot, and i ask them to bring me a bit of sand from the beaches... it's really amazing how different it all is. the best one i have so far is from a beach in costa rica, it's black and almost as fine as powder. :)


and i collect movies, i record them from tv if i like them, and i just keep them all. together with the videos and dvds i bought, i currently have about 400 movies. could open a video store with that, lol :roftl:

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Wendi, I collect socks too! I love the ones that have unusual prints. I call them "Fun Socks." :)


Rosielou, I collect postcards, too - I forgot to mention that!


Cool, I like those free ones you can get in ciniworld.

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