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Coachella: Set times are posted


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Mika's set to perform from 1-1:30 p.m. on the Coachella stage on Sunday

-- thought anyone

going to Coachella (Sivan :wink2: who else is going?) might be interested...







:thumb_yello::biggrin2: u cant posts things like that when im about to go to sleep! *exited*


thats early!!! but cool cause i guess its the main stage! :)

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So I ran across this link on a page advertising Coachella:




Does this mean if I go to this page at 1 p.m. on Sunday I'll be able to

see or at least hear Mika performing on the webcast? I don't see anywhere to sign up or pay for it... anyone? Am I missing something?



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Guest vuyk@telkomsa.net

I am not going - tooooo far away.


For all those that are going - E N J O Y I T !!!!!!


And please give us some stories, video's and pictures as soon as you are back.



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