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MIKA New York


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Hey, that reminds me.

In Mika's new song The Only Lonely One he mentions NYC.


I know alot of singers do that but I just thought that was pretty cool. lol.

I mean come on! It's Mika! :biggrin2:



I go to NYC

To see the pretty Statue of Liberty

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:annoyed_h4h::tears: does anybody know why u have to be 16 to get in or u have to be with an adult? cus i turn 16 like july 8th so....i mean come on thats pretty close...its ok tho cus not gonna be goin to this concert....:annoyed_h4h::tears: my parents wont even let me go see him if hes in nyc! even tho its only like 6 hours away!!! i think my mika dreams will never come true because of them....thats the closest he will probably get to my rinky dink town.....so all of u lucky bunnies have funn at this concert! and if u know when another one is please tellllll after june 20 something.
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