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Have You Met MIKA In Person?

Have You Met MIKA?  

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Soo...even if there's a lot of people he'll stick around and talk to you? Cause I went a signing for boys like girls and rocket summer last night and all they did was sign the paper...stop for a quick smile and move on to the next person...granted there were a lot of people but, still would've been nice to talk to them for like 2 sec.

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I met him after the concert in Milan, but i cannot remember his face, what he actually said to me...he also hugged and kissed me but i cannot recall his smell or anything else connected to him...it was a sort of enchantment...i got so emotional that i don't seem to have lived that experience, as if someone else did in my place.


that's why i NEED meeting him again in Florence!:wink2: OK, MIKA??


He kissed you??? Really??:shocked::wub2:

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Well I saw him once in a concert in Oporto (Marés Vivas). I was pretty close to him and he throw me a Lollipop... sadly I didn't catch the lollipop and he went on the floor. Some other lucky dude haves the Lollipop now :blush-anim-cl:

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