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Mika @ HMV London 24.04.07- Reviewed


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Hi as requested, I've re-posted this review I did as a new thread so everyone can get the chance to read it...Thanks.


Hello everyone,


Sorry for taking so long to post this but I'm at work and this is the first opportunity I had.


Wow! Mika was fantastic: but let's start at the beginning...


I got there early and bought 2 copies of the single Love Today. I wanted to see if I could get one signed for my friend who couldn’t make it…it was worth a try!


After getting dud directions from the staff at the till to join the queue behind the store- I walked around for ½ hr before I found it, the queue wasn’t that long- Thank God!

Then I met people who were passing by wondering what was going on- I had to pass on the “Mika Love”- so I told them and that they should queue up. But some weren’t keen on waiting more then an hour in the queue- but I convinced a couple and 2 people who were on holiday- “you have to hear this guy live- he is very entertaining and he really can sing!”


We were in after an hour, then made a mad dash to the front, only to find there wasn’t much room and that there wasn’t a high enough raised platform for Mika to be seen, they did however have a big screen for those not lucky enough to get a direct view- I was in that category!


He came on just after 6, after the crowd went crazy chanting his name! He couldn’t stop laughing. He really is so down to earth and modest. The first thing he said was “can you all see me up here, behind this great big piano?” Of course we all shouted out “NO!” And then believe it or not he then moved this great big piano to an angle, for a better view!!


He launched straight into I think (!) My Interpretation. Once he’d finished, he stripped (!!) down to his T-Shirt!! Then someone shouted out a request for “Billie Jean!?!” Yes I know!! You can imagine what his reaction was as well (he was nice about it) - they immediately got corrected by someone more knowledgeable- “it’s Grace Kelly!” So he did that one too- at one point he told us that Martin had had a baby girl the previous day (ahhhh) and that since he was on his own we would have to help him out…and I think he (we!!) sang Billy Brown- we did, unfortunately miss the bit where he dropped off from “…fell in love with another…” and “man” kind of wasn’t heard…Sorry Mika!!!

But we did well with Love Today!!! At one point I think we did the chorus all by our selves!!! We did you proud Mika, even if I say so myself… The reason why I can’t remember the order of the songs was because once Mika had finished singing, HMV played his album straight after and during the signing- which I thought was really good AND most of us were singing along then too!!!


We waited, patiently may I add, in a queue for the signing- there were a few party poopers who very unfairly jumped the queue and joined the section being cleared first. We had 2 people who thought they wouldn’t get a chance to have their copy of the single signed and left!! I felt bad for them since one person, who was diabetic had waited so long and was lined up straight after me missed it. I don’t think the HMV security guards did a good job with the managing of the queue’s- some were rude and crude (don’t ask!). Some people have already mentioned that at one point we were told “no more photos”, I was disheartened at hearing this, but I knew I could rely on the members here to come up with the goods- and it worked out well- thanks to those who did. I think that Mika was being such a good sport doing the signing, I know he is not the first and certainly not the last to cater to his fans- but it really must be draining- he never once stopped smiling and he made an effort at conversing with the fan’s. He told one young (ling!) that he liked the little heart she had drawn on her temple…there was one fan who started to cry- obviously overwhelmed- but then she was spotlighted by one of the security guards, which I thought was mean- but Mika did acknowledge her with a squeeze to her hand- and then looked uncomfortable when he saw that she wasn’t going to stop crying anytime soon. A member of his team (I think) led her from the stage so that was nice of them.


Ahhhh….sorry I was just re-living the moment when it came to my turn- I’d been getting to know another fan, a teaching assistant who wasn’t from London who was telling me about her fantasies with Mika- something to do with signing a normally not seen part of the body!! We all have our quirks… a guard was asking her, her name to spell out for Mika, it was long and he gave up when Mika said “forget about him, just tell me”. The guard rolled his eyes when he heard mine and didn’t attempt to start spelling it (!) it’s not long but foreign- I said hi and started to spell out my name to Mika- and from nowhere I thought I have to say something to him: “Are you going to take up the Mika Medley challenge?”, followed by “I had to ask”. I know crazeeee… He looked taken aback, but recovered quickly, someone from his team heard this and looked puzzled, she wanted to know what it was…then Mika said “Oh I know about this…it’s something on the forum” I carried on spelling my name for him…but he wouldn’t say anything!! Such a teaser!! He just gave this look that said I’m not committing either way- It’s understandable since he doesn’t want to let his fans down by saying no, and commit to something he won’t able to do by saying yes- very diplomatic I thought- I still pushed for a yes or no or maybe- but he didn’t give anything away… He just clamped down on his lips with a knowing smile and raised his eyebrows- sorry guys but I did try!


After that I was totally delirious and happy to have spoken to Mika and have him sign my single- when I got home and told my 4 year daughter what he wrote- “love Mika”- she looked puzzled “Mika loves Mummy?” I thought, I wish!!

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Great to read again :) Thanks for posting.. ! Hmm should I do a similar thing with my Graham Norton experience last night? I want everyone to see!! I saw Mika twice in 2 days! hehe.. perhaps not.. there are already 2 threads out there!

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