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Hi dear people we come from the other side of the North Sea,

just crashed in yesterday but wanted to give you all a warm hello

with some MIKA goodies.


So here I am, my name is Lia a 41 y-o Dutchie who discovered the great MIKA just a couple of days ago due to my daughter. She saw the Grace Kelly vid and 'demanded' me to download it from the internet for 'she knew for sure' I would be crazy about it! And she was right I am I did.


Honestly it seems like years ago since I last bought a CD actually but today The Life in Cartoon Motion is defenitely mine!


Finally once again a great musician who managed to capture my heart with his music ... AWESOOOOOOOOOOOME!


As u might well understand I am still a big Queen fan, always was always will be ... I visited bol dot com to listen to the previews ... I happen to love Lollipop thats my absolute fav ... Big Girl ... Grace Kelly ... and after these the rest of the great songs ...


Thank u MIKA for making my ears smile again and my soul jump for joy!


with a warm ♥hug, Lia

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