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What Do You Think Of The Covers?


What's Your Favorite MIKA Cover?  

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  1. 1. What's Your Favorite MIKA Cover?

    • Satellite
    • Everybody's Talkin'
    • Hips Don't Lie
    • Same Jeans
    • Other
    • None
    • I've Never Heard Any Of Them.

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It was a tough choice but I absolutely had to go with "everybody's talkin'" ^_^ He really did such a beautiful job with that. All of his covers are brilliant, though. He's made each song his own and actually made me prefer them to the original. Mika is pure brilliance, whatever he is singing. I wish he would do a cover of Kiss, I loved the little preview from taratata =D Mind you, I do believe it would be the one cover I could never prefer to the original as no one can beat or duplicate prince.


I Totally Agree, I Played Satellite For My History Teacher, A Big Dave Matthews Band Fan, And He Said MIKA Was Awesome. I Think He Does An Amazing Job Singing Anything, He'd Probably Make, "The Wheels On The Bus," Sound Beautiful! Lol, MIKA Is Amazing, That's The Only Word For It, And Oh Ja, My Favorite Song Is, "Everybody's Talkin'".



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haha no doubt he would make "wheels on the bus" a smash hit lol I suppose it really comes down to the fact that he is simply a brilliant musician and performer. If someone is half as brilliant as he is, it must be pretty easy to make the best of every song. I agree completely with you and your teacher ;] col


Are We, Like, The Only People On? Lol.:naughty:

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I like Hips don't lie. I heard it on You tube, sounded like he was having so much fun doing it.I don't like Shakira much, but what Mika sung was beautiful.


Oh Ja, I Hate Shakira, But MIKA Makes Hips Don't Lie Sound Good.

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I voted Satellite...it's simply wonderful!!!



But I like all of them...and I would suggest also the little part of Champs Elisée he performed at Taratata interview! (I have it as ring on my mobile phone! :naughty: )



But....how can I have SAME JEANS as an mp3???

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all of them are great - because its Mika singing of course....


but i really REALLY love his cover of SATELLITE......


his voice is PURE and BEAUTIFUL in that song!

with the acoustic guitar and accent touches of piano!.......

*weak in the knees feeling right now....:wub2: *


its amazingly magical......:blush-anim-cl:

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