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I Just Had A Really Funny Thought..


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I Think MIKA Should Do A Cover Of The YMCA! Lol! How Much Would That Rock!


"It's Fun To Sing With The M-I-K-A," LOL! So What Songs Do You Think MIKA Should Cover?


And Whaddya Think Of ,"The MIKA?" lol.



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I still want to hear him do a cover of "Kiss" or "Raspberry Beret" (can you tell I'm a prince fan? col -chuckle out loud)


I really love the idea of him covering YMCA though lol Maybe he could alternate costumes. one day he can be a police man, the next an american indian, then a contruction worker and so on haha That would be brilliant and we could all have a great sing-song at his concerts XD


Oooh, I would also love to sing Damien Rice's "9 crimes" with him just because its a gorgeous song hehe


Well He Can Sing Anything.. Lol, MIKA Would Probably Have Those Costumes Costume Made Like Everything Else, He Has, Lol.


That Would Rock!

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Oooh, thriller would be absolutely fabulous!! :naughty: Such a fun song, then we would all have to learn to manage the dance so that we can groove along with him at the concerts hehe


I would love if he would cover some broadway, being a huge broadway/musical junkie =D


Oh Ja, Me Too, Actually I Was Reb. Tevye In My School Musical. I Think It'd Be Funny If He Was Tevye In A Broadway Play! Lol!

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It would be interesting if he did a cover of Sunshine in th Rain, by Bodies Without Organs. He has said inte a interview that he likes that song, and it is my favourite song by BWO ^^


I'd loooove to hear his version of ''Money makes the world go around'' or ''Willkommen'' from Cabaret. I love those songs, andif Mika sang them I would love them even more!

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