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Mika singing in opera


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Hi! I bought a classical record, where Mika sings as a child in the opera The Pilgrim's Progress, and I thought, that maybe someone of you are interested to buy it, too. It's a double record and he sings on the disc 2 on the track 4. He has a angelic, very beautiful and pure voice. He's 14 here. He performed a woodcutter's boy. In the CD-book is a picture about Mika as a child.




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great article sou!


the closest i've go to anything like that is reviewing LICM for my school newspaper.:thumb_yello:


Oh wow, thanks, glad you liked it!!!


Hahaha, you confused me there...when I read your reply I was like, "wait a minute, isn't this the thread with Mika's picture at 14?" lol

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if anyone's read the "this ones for us girls" thread, you can imagine how guilty i feel now looking at that innocent picture of him LOL


Hence why I've stayed away from that thread, lol


He looks really adorable at 14 though, really, really adorable! :original:

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