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My name is Mandy. And I am completely and chaotically IN LOVE with Mika. (hence the name- CompleteMelee. [melee=chaos.]) Um, I found out about him when itunes featured him ... with his free single. and I almost IMEDIATELY bought his CD. OMG. I love him. As for this fan club- well, I have been OBSESSIVELY youtube-ing him for the last couple months- and some of the videos started with... MIKA FAN CLUB... 'to check out more go to MikaFanCLub.com'... so I finally checked it out.. and decided I BELONG HERE! hehe. YAY! anyway. I love him.. so much. And REALLY want to see him live- but it might be awhile until i can. =(


Uh, I think that's it! Questions?... ask a way.

Love, Mandy.


P.S. - i'm pretty sure that chaotically is not a word- but it is the only 'word', made up or real... that describes my emotions for this BRIALLNT, beautiful man.

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Well, I'm So Glad You're Here Mandy! This Fan Club Is The Place To Go For Everything MIKA! Anything You're Heart Desires, Just Ask Me, That Includes Questions!


I Look Forward To Getting To Meet You Better.


Yours Truly,



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