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Hello!Every body:)


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Hi~I come from Hong Kong!!!!

I am so happy to join the club!!!

Because my English is not good so a lot of interviews of Mika are hard for me to understand!!!

I hope I can get more Mika's information from here and improve my Englih:blush-anim-cl:


Perhaps we can be good friend because of Mika~


Mika is very popular!!!!His songs are amazing!!!!:thumb_yello:

Love him so much:mf_lustslow:

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Hello Trista, and welcome!!! Your English seems very good! Don't worry about being perfect with the language, we will understand each other.


How did you first hear Mika? Online or radio?


We are glad you are here with us!

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:blush-anim-cl: thanks all of you~you are very nice!!!

I'm sure every one will have fun in here!!


to mgpm:

thanks very much!!you are very nice!!

I heard Mika the month before last on my friend's website~I was deeply attracted to his songs...

I'm sitting for the exam which is extremely important for HK's students

especially I must deal with Engilsh exam so I'm nervous of it:boxed:

However,I relaxed my mind by listening to Mika's music



to blackwildkitty:

yes!!you are right~my teacher always points out this problem---stick around


to mariposa:

Yes,it is cool!!!not only Hong Kong ,but also Taiwan and so on

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