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PC Competition april 30.-may 6.


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So here is the new thread for this weeks competition!




-Before you wish to enter a caption you must give a name to it.In your post after the caption write:NAME:.......

-Every captionette who'd like to enter captions into the competition must send me a PM with the following things:

your usename:name of your cation (page where I/everyone can find it)

-Every captionette can enter 5 captions of theirs per week.If you have more, enter them next week.Just coz this competition is only for the really best ones.(for example if you made a hilarious caption today but you've already entered your 5 captions for this week,that one you made today can be entered only in the next week's competition.)

-YOU CAN NETER CAPTIONS BY EVERY WEDNESDAY!(3 days from Sunday,after the last competition)




- ONLY CAPTIONETTES CAN VOTE HERE(who have entered captions in the competition)

-Captionettes!Vote on 10 different caption.1 of your votes must go on your fav of YOUR OWN caption(s)

-Vote until FRIDAY!But if you can(because of time zone problems) vote earlier.



Vote like this

1.-username:caption's name

2.-username:caption's name

3.-username:caption's name

4.-username:caption's name

5.-username:caption's name

6.-username:caption's name

7.-username:caption's name

8.-username:caption's name

9.-username:caption's name

10.-username:caption's name


Just copy and paste.Just like before.




-send your captions until Wednesday.

-vote on here until Friday on 10 captions.




On Friday or Saturday morning I'll make the poll.ANYONE can vote until SUNDAY.Or so...coz of time zone problems....So open eyes everyone!






-Zsina: BUT MOMMY...(too much candy gonna ride your soul) (page 66)

-Zsina: HIPERMIKA (page 69)

-Zsina: NO WAY! (page 71)

-Zsina: YOU MEAN THERE...? (page 71)

-Zsina: NINJA POWER (page 76)


-Bee: BILLY BROWN (page 104)

-Bee: RUSSIAN TEACHER (page 95)


Eir - Mika's worst dream - page 58

Eir - the Mouse - page 68

Eir - Don't touch my Big Girls - page 77

Eir - Help request - page 83

Eir - Crazy captionettes - page 83


mellody: Mika & Martin (page 18)

mellody: Lollipop size (page 96)







CAPTIONETTES (1.place) (2. place) (3. place)

-Sara Zamuone Oz,() () ()

-BexxY,() () ()

-violet_sky,() () (1)

-Eir,() () ()

-Sunshinetaylor,() (1) ()

-Blackwildkitty,() () ()

-RosieLou,() () ()

-Zsina (1) () ()





If you wish to be a captionette:

-enter at least one caption here in the competition

-when you enter it/them in the PM you send me tell me that you would also like to be a captionette.this way I can add you to the list...

Captionettes rule!:D




Something is still not clear?PM me!!

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Top Posters In This Topic

So from now till tomorrow you can enter your captions for this week!

Dont be shy and start PM-ing Me!Just like last week.But send them please like I wrote in the RULES!



I am waiting...

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New entered captions by mellody!

ALso 2 more captionettes:bee and mellody

Welcome in our society! :D

And still no noe else wants to enter captions?I'll ask those who entered so far to vote on those 10 they like and then make the poll....but why dont you enter yours???...ah...

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