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Do you ever have unrealistic mika dreams?


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well i have had to mika dreams first one is that.. one of mi closer firends is mikas cousin and we meet and become GREAT friends!!!:bleh: ( that doesn't necesserly have to be un realistic to many lebaneniss families were i live especialy since i i'm a quarter palistinian a quarter lebanessi and half america...:naughty::mf_rosetinted: )

and my second dream is that he comes to my home town and i see him in a train sation ( there are no train stations in my town though...) and we meet again becomes friends and he explains that his here on vacation to get some rest and to stop beeing sick so i show him around town!!!:wub2:

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my Boyfriend had the wackiest MIKA dream last night.

He dreamt he was in a studio helping MIKA record his music. Meanwhile, Maralyn Manson enters the studio and MIKA teaches him how to play Stuck in in the Middle and Marlalyn teaches him how to write a song about George Bush. MIKA and Maralyn became very good friends...and started to hold hands. ...so sweet.

when practicing music they would take breaks and have Fish and Chips.

MIKA teaches Maralyn how to do his dancing about the stage . Maralyn begins to learn ballet.


goodness me, what did he eat last night before bed?

He said he went to sleep to "Love Today"



Is you boyfriend secretly gay? (No offence)

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