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ohh grr...happens to me ALL THE TIME which really suxx -.-

cept' the time I was watching TV and then Mika was on tv LIVE which I didnt knew he was going to be there and then i became a hardcore fan ever since LOL :P

but yaaa...i know how ya feel... O.O

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I wish US iTunes had some of his acoustic songs available for downloading, as well as the Love Today video. I haven't even heard "Grace Kelly" on the radio stations over here yet, but I was uber-surprised today when I heard that song as someone's ringtone. This Mika fanaticism is spreading slowly but surely :)

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That really sucks!

I haven't heard or seen Love Today here in Sweden yet.. They are so sloow...

Though they have played Lollipop twice on the radio. Though I haven't heard it, but my mum did... Some guy on that radio station loves Mika ^^

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