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Mika Owns Me

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Hello people!!!


I'm new here this site looks SO COOL. I must warn you I'm a bit strange but aren't we all? eheh btw My name is Marie (!) I live in Sherbrooke,Quebec,Canada, so my first language is french I hope I don't sound too bad with my english! =D


Be prepare I love writing big messages. I love talking, writing and I LOVE Mika of course, :naughty: So I guess as much of the persons here I discovered him with Grace Kelly. The first time I heard this song on the radio, my face was looking kinda :shocked::punk::snog: AHAH joking for the last one. But I could not believe I was hearing that from a commercial radio!! I mean it's so not a normal song... that's why it's good though. hehe. So now I am such a big fan of him, I'm always talking about him. My friends are so pissed!! AHAH So now my dream is to go see him live... MAN THAT WOULD BE FREAKING AWESOME!! And as a friend of mine would say : SNAZZTACULAR (SHONTIH IF YOU SEE THIS I LOVE YOUUU )


I HAD to put this smiley because he's so funny ::mf_boff:


And this one because it's me after hearing Grace Kelly for the first time: :stretcher:




so, I hope you will answer me (SOMEBODY PLEASE) though my craziness may make people think I'm just a STUPID FRENCH CANADIAN. ok. i am. I must admit, but you have to answer me. or else watch out for my BIG baseball bat. eheh :wink2:


lots of love and lollipops!





and Mika.

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Welcome!!! I hope you enjoy the many, many hours you will spend here (and believe me, it will practically take over your life...but not in a bad way:biggrin2: ).

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well i say it everytime...but welcome to heaven


That's a good one! :thumb_yello:


Welcome, dear French Canadian. As for me, I love long messages, MIKA and French Canadians, plus your enthusiam -- it's contagious.


That smiley is really funny! Now I want to use it lol. But... I tried to find it and I can't :tears: Maybe some other time.


Speaking of time, I have to go. Sorry, I wish I could write a longer post.


Rock on! :punk: And THank you for the lollipops. :-)

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A bit strange?!?! Haha, you are in the right place, darling!!!!

Join the biggest bunch of weirdos on the Internet, hehe.... (just kidding:naughty: - to those who got offended :naughty: )


No, seriously, you'll have loads of fun here!!!! Welcome!!!

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