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March 7 Interview on Dutch Television A MUST SEE


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Sorry guys I can't link it here BUT copy and paste this url ... don't let it scare you for it is sooooooooooo long ...




paste it in a new browser window and make it small otherwise it is too pixeled peeps


but go and watch it, it's wowsome, funny, tendering and so much more, he is sooooooo funny and witty ...


it's a March 7 interview ... and you will love him even more when you have seen this ... trust me on it ...


have fun!! it's all in English with Dutch subtitles only ...


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This is one of THE best interviews, he's soo cute espesh when he does his face when the jensen guy says ' it's probably your mousse' hehe my comp won't let me copy that image though :( really want it lol

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