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My grannie likes Mika!


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Congrats to your Grannie, she must be very cool having such a good taste! :thumb_yello:


Anyway, this is one of the things I love so much about Mika. I mean being his fan or loving his music is not a question of fashion, trends or age.

Just look around in this forum! Personally I am in my early twenties, there are very young teenagers as well (12-13 year old girls), middle-age fans, and here's your Grannie, 93.

It must mean something! He must be doing something extremely well!

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My old grannie says that Mika has a beautiful voice and that he is

an handsome boy!! She likes his eyes..

Mika's people, my grannie is 93!!



GO GRANNIE GO GRANNIE ! :thumb_yello:

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hooray for the hippy grannies!!

i made my grandparents watch GK when it came on and my granma was like he looks very young..i don't remember what else she said was quite a while ago but at least she didn't say anything bad :thumb_yello:

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That's awesome. My grandmother doesn't know ANY modern artists. At all.


Seriously, I wanted to discuss the whole, Britney shaves her head thing about a month ago, and she had no idea who that was. She's only 77!

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