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My Mika shirt!


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i want one SO BAD..but i have limited funds on my debit/travelrs money cards thing, i can always reload it but consider the fact that i dont have ajob, its hard to find a source of income

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Oh, the t-shirt looks so great on you! I ordered a black one and also a hoodie. I should only look half as good !!! :punk::naughty::thumb_yello:


Aw, thanks! I'm sure it'll look great on you!!


Oh, and I totally wanted to buy a bag too, but I thought a shirt and button would keep me satisfied! LOL

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Yesterday I received my Mika shirt from the MFC and I love it! It's very cute and I plan to wear it to his show in June. Just wanted to share a pic with you!


Shirt looks fabulous! And so do you :thumb_yello: I can't wait to get mine... but now I've forgotten which I ordered? The one with the V-neck maybe?... Oh well, I guess it'll be a surprise when it comes -- hopefully tomorrow! :)



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how much was the hoodie, god me hacing money on a car di can online shop with is bad, because i use it to much hahaha


The hoodie costs $37.49 and the T-shirt is $29.99. That's U.S. funds - with the exchange (I'm in Canada) and tax it's gonna be more. But who cares - it's MIKA STUFF - RIGHT ???? :punk: :punk: :punk:


Now all I need is a concert to go to !!! :mf_lustslow::wub2::mf_lustslow:

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