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i met mika


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hi guys....i took my daughter sam aged 4 to meet mika at hmv on the 24th april....im a fan and so is she....he sang a few songs and done a signing....she sang to everything he sang and danced right by the stage....we both got a signed picture and a friend of mine marie took a pic of sam sitting on the signing table in front of mika...its an awesome pic....me and a few friends are going to the concert on monday at shepards bush empire...and mika told marie personally to go dressed up...so if u are going to the concert...look out for us lol...mika u are wicked and i cant wait till monday ...xxxx

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Awww....that's awesome. My little ones (4 and 6) love Mika, and my 6 yr old is musically inclined. I would LOVE to take him to see Mika at the concert I'm going to in June, but it's standing room only and starts at 7:30. I'm afraid he wouldn't be able to make it til the end. :(


They both would love it though.

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