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I'm upset with Mika....


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okay....I'm a fan...and he's adorable....so I can't trully hate him!!!

however, i'm sad coz he hasn't approved my friend request on myspace :sad: (i feel so rejected).



make me feel better please :(


He will - but sometimes it takes a few days - wait and see!! :thumb_yello:

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awww...you guys are sweet....i feel better now.

but it was weird coz my sister actually added him a long time ago and she said he approved right away. i guess it doesn't matter how long it will take for him to add me.....I can't hate him anyway.

He's too freakin' adorable!

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Lol! He's A Busy Man! And Also, It's Not Him On There All The Time, Some Times It's His Represenatives..


Hah....that explains something. Well then.....I'm upset with his reps.

Poor Mika has to take the heat! :bleh: **Sorry**

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