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I saw the song "Cigarettes and chocolate milk" while searching for another song, and I added it to my playlist, just because I liked the title   Now I really like his music! I think Poses is a really

Anyone here thinks it's very cool that Mika mentionned Rufus in Good Guys?

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It's rather sad that this thread has been dead for the last couple of years, especially considering that Rufus has recently released yet another magnificent album. Fingers crossed, he will gain some popularity amongst Mika fans after the I Love Beirut concert.

I find that there is one crucial thing that both of them share: despite having been put through the wringer, they preserved their candour and they both have bright souls that just wash over any room with light.

Anyone wishing to fangirl (or fanboy, for that matter) over Rufus – his masterful use of double entendre (Swings Both Ways, my God!), his Cohen covers (e.g. Everybody Knows), or his full monty bacchanalia at the end of 2012 tour – I'm at your service 🙌

P. S. I'll keep my hope low, but perhaps somebody will fall in love with his utter brilliance as well:


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There are a lot of Rufus fans around (especially @dcdeband @tiibet) but I think they tend to chat about him elsewhere.  I first saw him when he performed "Vibrate" on Later With Jools Holland, and I was totally amazed by his performance.  I can't describe myself as a huge fan, but there are a lot of his songs I like, and I rate his cover of "Across the Universe"  as one of the best.  Looking forward to seeing him in the Beirut concert.

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Actually I didn't phrase that very well, I mean that I'm not a huge fan in the sense of not buying all his records/going to gigs etc., not that I don't like him.  I do have some Rufus albums :naughty:

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