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Dreams of MIKA. Mine all seem to be mean!

The very first I had was on Monday Night/Tuesday Morning of 23rd/24th April (hehe I know the date, only because I was going to see him the next day).

I dreamt I was going up to London, to go see him perform. On the way there I met another Mika fan that was about my age (14). No one I had ever seen in my life, yet I kind of recognise her, no idea where from though. Anyway, we went back to this grubby little apartment. It was tiny. There was a little TV on a chest of drawers, a wonky-looking wooden char, a posh but dirty looking double bed, a wardrobe I can remember much and a little desk with a computer on it. The floor was covered in hay (??) and the walls were a grubby white and VERY damp. Where I was standing, there wasn't enough room to swing a cat. The place was packed with the stuff.

This girl I was with (Kayley or Kerry I think her name was) was on the computer, while I was standing in her house in my bright pink starry jim-jams and talking leopard slippers on (which no one metioned, apparently it was normal lol). There were two cats there, which were very affectionate. One was black and white with no tail and one ginger and white one. I was just saying how gorgeous these cats were (they were actually kinda grubby too. Not very fluffy, and they were kind of scary to be honest) when the apartment door opened. A really overweight guy, covered in god knows what (stains all over this dirty white top he had on) and a pair of blue tracksuit bottoms with two white stipes down the side of each leg came in. He had longish messy hair and a long stubble (it wan't a beard yet.) He was, to put it mildly, absolutly horrible. My heart skipped a beat. He says to this girl, totally blanking the fact I was there, 'Hi Kerry/Kayley' and you know what she says back?

'Hi MIKA.' I know. I knew in my dream it was him (god knows how) and I just kinda stood there and thought, he looks different from the love today video. (DIFFERENT??!!! THE GUY DID NOT HAVE ANYTHING THAT COULD HAVE REMOTELY MADE ME THINK IT WAS HIM!!)

So Kerry (I'll call her that for now) goes to him, 'Oh, by the way, this is my friend Becky. She adores you.' (I thought after the dream Thanks! If it had been the real MIKA in real life I would have killed you! Talk about embarassing! Plus at the time I didn't adore him. I had no idea what he was like. I hate stuck up people, like this guy in the dream was) So I went bright red and looked at this guy. He just grunted at me and started looking at the post (no idea where this came from).

Kerry then turned off the computer and said 'Right lets go.' To which I replied, 'Where?' she then told me to where he was performing, which apparently was in WHSmiths (a bookshop, I know, how weird).

So, after me getting a few grunts after me telling him how much I liked his songs (rude!), we arrived at this old looking bar. It was a cross between a cowboy bar (you know like the ones on all those old cowboy films) and a dance club. There were like 10 people there. And they were only there because of the bar.

I said 'Why are we here?' and Kerry said really brightly 'He's performing here. Its nice isn't it?'

I kinda mumbled a yeah thinking, what a dump. So this guy pulled himself up on stage, and started singing 'Love Today' absolutly perfectly.

After the song, I was clapping along with Kerry, and then I woke up.

I was so glad when I actually met MIKA he wasn't stuck up like this guy was. I was scared he'd actually be like him!

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