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The Girls Thread - Regulars and MODS


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I've just heard news that the thread was closed


Worried, I took a look.


And there it was, with a lock and everything.


Truly, I am quite gutted, but also a bit disappointed.


Freddie - Your last post said that it needs to tone down, but how can we tone it down if you've closed it?


Girls - As much as I hate to say it, I know I'm no leader of the thread that's for sure, and as a member who has been in that thread since the very beginning I understand it was all harmless, heated fun and you all got lost in the moment, but you knew very well that the thread was getting monitored very closely and that with every post we made, we were treading on eggshells as it could get closed with any slight hint of a mature comment.


I don't want to say it. I feel horrible for asking this of you girls but...


*takes a deep breath and closes her eyes*


I would like you to apologise.


Let's face it, we all knew the rules. It's a miracle we all got away with it previously, but if you apologise nicely maybe Freddie will unlock the thread again.


There, it's been said.


I am quite surprised however that it wasn't any of my comments that got it closed lol! In fact I wasn't even online at the time...

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oh. I hope it was not after I popped up and posted a pic yesterday - LOL :naughty:

I actually don't think so because it appeared in different other threads before and they weren't closed....

But I swear I didn't say anything naughtier than in other threads :blink:

SO if it was my fault (which I doubt, coz I'm a good girl - I don't even steal jewellery from my aunt...)

then I'm sorry :blink: :blink:

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It's not just yours Shelby. I think everyone has had their own involvement (no offence guys)


Everyone just caught up in the moment and got carried away I think. I completely understand you girls - I have been there before lol - but we have to consider these rules as well.


I don't like it any more than you do, but that thread is like a home for us, like Freddie's home is his Bar Lounge in the chin wag section. It's where we like to have a chat and shizz so WE NEED TO KEEP IT OPEN.




I'm not having a go - no way - I'm just trying my best to keep that thread open as best as I can!

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oh was it closed down!! I havent been there 4 a long while but i was around at the very start and we had a laugh,i havent read wot freddie has put so mayb a shouldn comment but its a shame for the ppl. who enjoyed the thread.... Im sure they could calm it down a bit and there was a warning! LOl

I know it was a very popular thread....

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Thanks Caz, I feel a bit better now. :)

Yeah, that was our thread like the bar is to others. Perhaps if he doesn't open it again we could make our own for the girls that were on the thread? Hmmm...lol


lol you mean...one closed down...open another?


i can see it becoming a cycle.


we just need to reassure Freddie that the thread will be fine if he reopens it, which will probably take a lot of persuading as we've had an argument about this before. We've had warnings and we still got out of hand. We need to try our very best to stick to these rules as best as we can.


Again, I wish we could talk about whatever we wanted on that thread - since it does have a warning - but it seems some of you may have gone a tad too graphic.


That's the ONLY thing that needs toning down.




Come on girls, we can do this.

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oh ok I just checked so it wasn't me in first place LOL (I hardly popped in a few times ...)

But I have to add that from what I have read in the last few pages I think it can't have been any worse than in other threads before (the body hair.....:biggrin2: )


Freddie, please be nice and reopen the thread for the girls, at least you know where to check then :wink2:

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