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Hihi! I am a new super Mika fan! ^_^


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Hihi! I am a new Mika fan!! I am really new, coz I just heard of Mika when I was watching one of his MTV on the TV a week ago, and I was so impressed by his talent, both singing and composing as well as all his gestures and expressions when he was performing! So I started to search for anything about him and fell for him! Really crazy for him! :wub2:


Just heard about this website for his fans , and so I joined at once! Hehe~~Hello everyone and Mika I :wub2: U <3


P.S: I tried to get a ticket to watch his show at 17th July as long as I knew it one day after I fell for him , but they were all sold out already! What a pity that I can't go even I am living in Central London, which is just 4 tube stations from the venue itself! Can't believe it! >_< I so want to go! think I should get the ticket within hours once they are released next time!

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And welcome to the Mika Fan Club


And yes i know what you mean Somerset house did sell out really Quickly but i was forunate and got my tickets from a pre sale :thumb_yello:


if you keep asking around you may find someone with a spare :thumb_yello:

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Thanks so much for all your replies! You guys (or girls, I can see Mika's fans at least here are mostly girls, haha) are really responsive! I got so many replies so quickly :thumb_yello: I just bought two of Mika's CD ( Love today single and Life in Cartoon Motion online ) a minute ago! So excited, hope they are gonna arrive tmr! :blush-anim-cl:

Just realised that Mika's show at 19th August in London 's full already again! :P

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