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Mika in Swedish Elle


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Here is an article about Mika that I found on the Elle website. It's quite old though, but I like it.

I don't think it has been posted here before (I think I've posted it in the Viking thread), but I've made a little translation ^^

It's not perfect, but I hope it's understandable. I guess some of the words came out as swinglish ^^


Here is the original article, if any Scandinavians want to have a look at it.







Hello, this is Mika and you’re watching MTV Asia. In the record company’s skyscraper in New York, the pop phenomenon Mika records greetings for Tv-channels. You’ve heard the single Relax, take it easy and in a few days his first album is released, Life in Cartoon Motion.


Tempo is high. When he is done we sit down on a soft couch and Mika takes a deep breath. His curly hair is frizzy.

-I’ve only slept for two hours the last nights, Mika says.

Apart from the hair there is no sign of the lack of sleep. A good thing for a pop star who also has made his debut as a model. This spring he is the new face of Paul Smith.

-When I was 16 and went to fancy shops, I always felt a little bit too shabby, a little bit too poor, a little bit uglier than the people who worked there.

So I think it is a bit ironical that I know help a designer

selling clothes, Mika says.

Born in Beirut he and his family fled the war and eventually ended up in London. In school was the ten year old Mika bullied. It went so far that for a time he even stopped talking and forgot how to spell words.

-I went in my own world and started writing songs. With the music I could give back and that’s the fantasy world I created then, with cartoons and pictures, that has given me the success I got now, Mika says.


I watch tv very often for inspiration. A bad tv-day, like Trisha, an English middle class version of Jerry Springer, that’s what I love, Mika says.

The singer describes himself as a bit of a controlfreak. For example his apartment is painted totally in white and there is a collection of 300 toys. When he travels with the job he always brings his “beautybag”, a large suitcase.

It is crammed with Mexican pearls, Indian jewellery, weird neon-coloured t-shirts, cheap clothes and expensive art-handicrafts that I use as jewellery. When the stylist comes it says “OK, that’s a good-looking outfit. But we’re adding this too” says Mika who wears white shoes this day.

Just like he does every day.

-I’ve got 48 pairs at home. I think it looks good with white shoes, it nearly looks a bit magical.

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Wow, 48 pairs of white shoes! :glasses2:


I thought I was a shoe addict and mine are not even all white. :biggrin2:


And I love the idea of him walking around with his large suitcase full of cool jewelry and stuff! :naughty:


Thanks for posting! :thumb_yello:

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