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I Love You


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HI all! I love You!


Its in English!But how is it in your language?Lets try how many ways are there in the world to say it!Its fun!



Let me start:

In hungarian its : Szeretlek





HUNGARIAN: Szeretlek

DUTCH: Ik hou van jou OR Ik zie je graag

FRENCH: Je t'aime

GERMAN: Ich liebe dich

NORVEGIAN: Jeg elsker deg

DANISH: Jeg elsker dig

ESTONIAN: Ma armastan sind (to one person) ; Ma armastan teid (to more people)

SWEDISH: Jag älskar dig

SPANISH: Te quiero


WELSH: Dwi'n dy garu di

TURKISH: Seni seviyorum

ITALIAN: Ti amo(lovers) and Ti Voglio Bene (friends)

ROMANIAN: Te iubesc

SLOVENIAN: Ljubim te

LEBANESE: Behebak (girl to a boy) Behebik (boy to a girl)

FINNISH: Rakastan sinua

CROATIAN: Volim te/ Ja te volim.

HINDI: Main tumse pyaar karthi hoon

URDU: Main tumse mohabbat karthi hoon

JAPANESE: Aishi-teru

MAORI: Awahau aroha koe

LUXEMBOURGISH: Ech hun dech gär

LATIN: Amo te

RUSSIAN: Ja ljubju tibja

BULGAIAN: Obicham Te

TAGALOG: Minamahal kita

BISAYA: Gimahal ko ikaw

SOUTH AFRICAN: Ek het lief vir jou

MALAYSIAN: Aku Cinta Padamu

SWISS GERMAN: Ich liäbä di (love) and Ich ha di gärn (like)

ARABIC (Egyptian dialect):Bahebik (to a female) and Bahebak (to a male)

POLISH: Kocham cię

CHINESE: Wo Ai ni! (Cantonese dialect: Ngor Oi lei )

MOROCCAN: Ana kan bagheek.


CRAN LANGUAGE: I'm dreaming my dreams with you

FRISIAN: Ik hâld fan dy

LITHUANIAN: Aš tave myliu

SWAHILI: Naku Penda.


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Ik hou van jou




Ik zie je graag


Oh and French: :P


Je t'aime ;)




Ich liebe dich



Ohhhh the confusion of living in a country with 3 official languages...

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BEHEBAK (when it's a girl saying it to a boy)

BEHEBIK (when it's a boy saying it to a girl)


but the prononciation is a bit hard.... u have to force on the "H" when u say it, coz this sound doesn't exist in our alphabet (latin I mean).

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Japanese is "Aishi-teru!" (i had to put the "-" in because of the word in the middle, it would have been censored lol)


or Suki Da Yo. That usually means "I like you!" but it can it can mean either way.

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Women tend not to use 'da' very much in Japanese, though, so they'd usually just say "suki yo" or "daisuki!" (the last one is literally "big like!" XD *LOL*) ^_^


This thread reminds me of a Eurovision song...


It's my way to say I want you

S' agapo, je t'aime, I love you

Te amo, o pashut ohev otakh

It's my way to say I want you

S' agapo, je t'aime, I love you

Te amo ve'ohev otakh

Ohev otaaaaaaaaaakh



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