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A short hello from Noni


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Hello to all of you!


A short introduction of me: I'm Noni, i'm 27 years old, I live near Berlin in Germany, I'm half iraque and half german (I know, it's a really really short version :wub2: ), and I'm here cuz I love Mika's music.


The first time, I got aware of Mika, was when I heard his name, because I named my lovely cat, which has left this earth :tears:, also Mika. And so I listened to "Grace Kelly", and I loved this song. So I buyed Mika's record. Somehow it reduced my sorrow about my cat and other things, and I learned to smile again.


Yeah, that's my story, kinda crazy, but that's how it is...


Greetings, Noni

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hi noni! wünsch dir hier im fanclub viel spaß ^^ cool, dass es so viele neue deutsche fans hier gibt :biggrin2: mikas musik ist einfach super!!! :wub2: hat mir sogar das blöde lernen fürs abi erleichtert! also.... spread the mika~love!!! *sara*

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