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Hey, my name is Shannon and im from Canada. I first heard about Mika when i was on a website about the O.C and they said Any Other World by Mika was going to be on the season finale! Of course me being obsessed with the O.C i searched for the song. I loved it! Later i downloaded a couple more (stuck in the middle and billy brown).I later went to Chapters and bought his cd even though i only knew a couple of songs and i absoulety loved it!I've been a fan ever since which has only been a couple months ago :) Im also hoping Mika will come to Calgary someday...



(Oh and I also have a 4 month old black lab named Mika!)


and sorry about the foot in the picture!

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OMG such a cute dog <33

and seriously?! they played any other world on the O.C.?! i never realised... oohh...



anyway welcome to the MFC forums, im from canada too:D


Hi and welcome here!


I didn't for Any other world and the OC! I watched it on internet but my download was so slow I had difficulties to follow the story! Shame on me, I missed Mika:(


Anyway, this site is the most instructive, fun (and addictive) about Mika!

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