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Off-key Mika's not always a Hit!


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Sorry if this has already been posted. I just thought it was hilarious.:roftl: Found it in the daily telegraph.




Off-key Mika's not always a Hit



"THERE will be two very sheepish Brit chicks today when they learn they were treated to an exclusive serenade by pop greatness on Wednesday night, reports Kathy McCabe.


British pop star Mika and his bandmates were enjoying a few quiet drinks at the Hilton when the duo, who had no idea who he was, tried to hit on his keyboard player.


The girls followed the crew to an Oxford St nightclub and when Mika walked in the door, the DJ recognised him and put on a remix of the singer's smash hit Grace Kelly.


"That's always quite painful when the DJ does that but the girls jumped up to dance and said 'We love this song' and started singing along in the most hideous way," he laughed.


"I got up and started dancing and singing with them and one of the girls sneered and said, 'What do you think you're doing? F... off! Your voice is so bad!'


"My band were crying with laughter."

There will be no doubt who Mika is when he performs his only Australian show at The Forum tomorrow night."

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