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My name is Grace, and I live in Saint Augustine, Florida with my husband and 10 month old baby. I recently discovered Mika, but I'm already a huge fan (and my husband as well). We can't seem to get the songs out of our heads!


I first saw Mika in the Grace Kelly video on LBC. I'm not Lebanese, by the way, I'm Scottish, English and Scotch-Irish mostly (American born). But my husband, Fadi, is Lebanese. So that's why I was watching LBC. :-)


My favorite band is Queen. So, I am thrilled to see a new artist that has a voice and flair similar to Freddie, though he definitely has his own style. I also love David Bowie and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, among many others. I like many different types of music.


Ok, so now that I am eligible I am going to play some games! Yay! :-D

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Hello and Welcome Grace !!! That's so fantastic they played Grace Kelly on LBC :biggrin2: I hope you'll love it here and have lots of fun :thumb_yello:



And what a lovely avatar Grace.


Oh thank you! That's me and my little guy. I Thought it was pretty awesome he was on LBC too. And I'm sure I will love it here. :-)

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Welcome,Grace (Kelly:naughty: )! Hope you have lots of fun here. We're slightly mad:wink2: but we're all good people. We have almost the same taste in music, it's great to find mates all over the world.


See ya!:biggrin2:


I prefer people to be ever so slightly mad. :-D lol @ Grace Kelly.


welcome. enjoy this forum and have a great time. love your baby. i have a girl but she's older. 3 years old.


Thanks! I bet your little girl is a cutie. :-)


It's awesome to see lots of Queen fans here! And I want to thank everyone for all the welcome messages. :-D

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