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My Mika watch!!!


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I would ,but it`s not practical to train with smth on your wrist,and you always have to worry about it falling of or smth.And by now,after all theese ears I got used to not using one.come to thibk of it,no swimmer wars a watch :lol3: I`m better off,I have my trusty cellphone :lol3:

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i wanted to buy this swatch and i tried it on but it didn't look good, because my wrist is very small :(


same with me - it just looked huge on my wrist - So I only wear watches from swatch Skin collection ..

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Watch sasquatch... *sorry* :roftl:

Hahaha you've changed your location? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw :bleh:

But hey I'm jealous of you I want that watch to :sneaky2:


:roftl: Well you can just continue to be jealous as long as you laugh at where I'm from!!!:roftl: :roftl: :biggrin2:

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