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What Will Mika Win next Year?


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So Grace Kelly looks a hot favourite to be best selling single of the year, but will it win any awards?


Right, we all know he is The Greatest (not to mention Sexy man of 2007:naughty:) but what will the Awards make of his rise to fame?


Does anyone care:mf_rosetinted: or have an opinion on whether Mika will get the recognition he deserves from the Brits and such like?


Do you think Mika will care :mf_rosetinted: if he is snubbed by the music industry snobs??


Leave your thoughts and opinions on this here!



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ok, I was really hard done by, when I read what this thread was requiring...

So I thought we could use some titles that is commonplace for awards to help:

  • British Male Solo Artist
  • Best British Album
  • British Single
  • British Breakthrough Act
  • British Live Act

He can definitely work a crowd- so Best Live Act...and his single Grace Kelly is already the biggest selling...

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He probably should snub them but the won't, he's far too polite, and he probably won't care about the good few sneers he'll get from the Indiesnob crowd.:biggrin2:



Yes so true...Mika is definitely not a snob.


Why did UB40 snub the brits? Does anyone know?

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He is a cert for Best Breakthrough act and Best British Male at the Brits IMO


I'm not sure about Best British Single, it's the viewers who vote and they usually vote wayward IMO!


He'll most definitely attend, it's his first brits as an artist not to forget that he might be asked to PERFORM! :biggrin2:

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