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Found this online:


Mika: Music saved me

Monday, June 4, 2007

Mika says he was bullied at schoolMika has credited music for helping him to read and write again after a troubled childhood.


The flamboyant singer moved from a war-torn Beirut to London, England when he was a child, and his education soon began to suffer.


The Grace Kelly chart-topper told The Sun: "A hard time at school early on in London led me to forget how to read and write. But music helped me."


Mika moved to the UK when he was nine years old - and he has admitted that he was bullied at school and had problems with dyslexia.


The award-winning singer said it was his colourful nature that set him apart from his pals.


"I was a show-off as a kid. A bit weird. But I had that beaten out of me by everyone I was at school with."


He was later home-schooled by his mum - and began to explore music

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Yeah it said that for me too. Thanks, for posting though :)



I am sorry. Why when I click on the links it opens up? I can't get on to ImageShack, does anybody know where else I can upload it?

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