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Woo hoo! The US press is going to start cranking up again, I suppose... :)


By J. Poet

Published: June 6, 2007


Mika is a curly-haired waif with a pop voice to die for. Born in Beirut and trained to perform opera by an insane Russian, Mika was singing commercial jingles before he was in high school. His debut, Life in Cartoon Motion, is a pure pop confection, bristling with '70s influences, most notably vocal gymnastics worthy of Freddie Mercury and swooning melodies that bring to mind Elton John at his toughest and Rufus Wainwright at his most sly. In person and on record, Mika's glam and disco influences are delivered with a modern rock edge that makes them sound brand-new and radio-ready. His incendiary live performances made him a star in England; his first American tour may do the same for him here.


Mika performs on Saturday, June 9, at the Fillmore at 9 p.m. Admission is $25; call 346-6000 or visit http://www.thefillmore.com for more info.



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Don't the journalists have any imagination ?? I feel like reading the same things again and again... :blink:


thanks deb! watch out for more!


yes, i think that we could expect more from a 'Poet'!!:roftl:

but i'm afraid so many ppl ignore mika's existence..and they need just a small review...


'incendiary live performances' is a good start, anyway!:biggrin2:

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finally, the accord of mighty america. as usual, " she" doesn't see the real artists from the first time. no offense fans from usa, i was talking here about the music critics from usa.

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