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Mika @ Brixton Carling Academy 2/12/07


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I couldn't find a thread for this so i started one! ANYWAY... i havent been here in a while.. so HI.


and, who is going to this gig?

i bought tickets yesterday, and i am REALLY WORRIED.


BECAUSE.. i asked my dad, shall i drive or get the train to london, for the gig, and he said, where is it? i was like.. brixton london.. and he was all... F me i wouldnt leave your car there.


BECAUSE apparenly brixton is the BIGGEST ever ghetto in the uk, full of black people who carry knives and guns (that isnt intended to be racist or anything) but now im just scared!! i guess i worry too much, but i think i have a right to, thinking of the sickos out there this day and age, and two young teenage girls in a strange city? AMERICAN HORROR MOVIE alert!!


i may sell my tickets!

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