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Mika in Dutch Hitkrant


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Mika in this week's Hitkrant.


Not very special though. The interview consists of different parts from older interviews. At least three questions/answers are taken straight from the AOL Winter Warmer interview :blink: and the first answer is from the 'Hi, I am Mika, I am 23 years old and I have curly hair. As far as I know I don't have any bad habits...' etc. etc. interview. :blink:


Oh well, two good things:


- I think the photo is pretty cool

- and at least he is getting some attention in the Dutch media




Unfortunately I have no time for a translation, so I hope there is a Dutchie with too much spare time... :wink2::blush-anim-cl:



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I'll translate it, give me a few mins. :)



The translation:


He's being compared to the Scissor Sisters and Freddie Mercury, the deceased singer of Queen. But who is the true Mika?


Hey Mika, tell us something about yourself.

Well, my name is Mika, I'm 23 and I have curly hair. I don't have any particularly bad habits, not that I know of anyway. I don't smell or anything. I was born in Beirut. I moved to Paris a year after that and later moved to London. This feels like I'm filling out a form for a personal ad!


Are you happy with your album 'Life in Cartoon Motion?'

Yes very happy! I'm a control freak so I made sure the album turned out exactly how I invisioned it. It's a hilarious album, in a serious way.


What does one of your shows look like?

I'm always bouncing around during my shows. I can't restrain myself! It's not like I'm on drugs. If I was then I'd probably fall off stage. Often I have no idea what I'm going to do prior to the show. I like to sing a Shakira song every now and then for instance. I can get away with almost anything.


Did you ever mess up on stage?

Yes a while back during a show in Ibiza. It was my first perfomance with my band. During the first song I got so excited that I started jumping around. Not very clever because I fell and landed on a switch which turned all the music off. There I was in front of a wild crowd. I really didn't have a clue what to do so I just started singing folk songs haha! Luckily the crowd just joined in.


You say you make songs that only you can sing. What's up with that?

I'm the anti X-factor singer. That's what I want to be. Just imagine me trying out for that show with Grace Kelly: they'd laugh in my face! I can't imagine a contestant on that show a year from now, singing one of my songs. That's impossible!


You sing, write your own songs and do your own artwork together with your sister. Is there anything you can't do?

I can't cook. I may do a lot of different things but I work with a lot of different people aswell. I want to be some sort of a circusmaster. I'm involved in everything but other also people do part of the work.


Do you have any plans for this year?

Yes, world domination! No I'm kidding. I just want to keep doing what I'm doing now. I do want to reach even more people with my music!

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You know what's the funniest thing, they even claim the text is theirs. it says: Marijke Winteraeken in the corner which the probably a journalist of Hitkrant. Ooh what am I complaining...:biggrin2:


kaay....i didnt mind that they took it from other interviews....but claiming the interview was theirs is....erhh....:blink:

well its not good :mf_rosetinted:

but who cares??? as long its Mika in it :roftl:

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