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Hi, I'm Samantha.


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hello Samantha


welcome to the Mika fan club


Mika is in the USA right now....if you were able to go to Boston i saw on here earlier someone who had 5 Boston tickets spare :thumb_yello:

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Hello, I'm Samantha andi'm new here, obviously. I saw Mika in his "Love Today" music video on MTV2 and I really liked it. I bought his cd and I liked everything on it, so that's how I found out about him. It's too bad that I'm in the united states though. Is he ever going to come here?



EXACTLY! Mika needs to come to the New England area, he has so many fans!

Where are you from?

OH yeah, Im a newbie too. Im also named Sammy ;D

This looks like alot of fun, welcome!

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