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Hi all Mika fans!!!


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Hi everybody! :wink2: Glad to bee here at once. I am 17 years old, fond of drawing, cats and of course music. Since my friend lent me Mika's album a month ago I've become a total fan. I think he's just amazing - voice, appearance, style and personality! As I am new here I'm still a bit confused about everything that's going on here, so if you have any suggestions about what a crazy fan should first of all see or do in this site, you're welcome! :)

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Welcome to MFC, Im Melissa x]

Whats going on????

Well....theres something new everyday.....so erhhh....well I get confused myself too O.o

What to do first???

Well, you can either go the the Chat Section to get to know others or Mika section to get to know more about Mika and maybe others x]

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