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mika at the Fillmore.

Love Love Me

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amazing. thats pretty much the only word that could possibly discribe it. my sisiter and i went dressed a lollipop girls. (im sure a few of you noticed us!) mika was amazing, the music was amazing, the band was amazing, well baicsly everything was amazing. im still shaking.


ohh, and i got one of the setlists!!!!! i didnt get a poster though. that was sad. but i am soooo framing the setlist. its like the coolist thing.

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oh thanks but ive been on here a while but my account stoped working so i re-regestiered.


anyway... yeah i did get pics but i cant find to cord to my camera to conect it to my computer so i cant upload them. but i did get a few amazing ones. as soon as i find it i will upload some pics. i really should go to bed but i cant cuz its like 1 in the moring but i cant cuz im way too hyper from the show. i honestly am still shaking.


:roftl: Make sure you have lovely Mika dreams! :biggrin2:

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